Converging Technologies Lead the Future of MedTech

Life Sciences Forum

Costa Rica Convention Center
October 15th & 16th 2018


Join the most unique and specialized forum for the Life Sciences sector in Latin America, held in the number one destination in the region for MedTech investment: COSTA RICA.

Life Sciences Forum, now in its 4th edition, will bring together high level representatives from manufacturing companies, suppliers, key service providers, consulting firms and other stakeholders from the Life Sciences Industry and the Digital Technologies Industry, making a focus on the advances and transformation of the next generation of MedTech,  making this event the most effective vehicle to network, learn, discuss and visit already established medical device companies in our country.

The event will provide a 2-day agenda where exciting, innovative discussions take place around the latest advances and most important achievements in the industry, and the opportunity to participate in business meetings and also to register to on-site plant tours in top Original Equipment Manufacturing facilities in Costa Rica. Tours are subject to availability and company approval.

Costa Rica has become a leading location globally, outside of Europe, for MedTech investment
— Medtech Report 2014 Oxford Intelligence

Innovation is in our DNA

Costa Rica goes beyond its globally famous pristine beaches and luscious rainforests which attract millions year-round.

The country is the 2nd largest medical device exporter in Latin America, and has 72 med-tech companies, producing Class I to Class III medical devices, with exports growing over 180% in the last decade to become the #1 industrial export good of Costa Rica in 2017. A truly consolidated ecosystem that combines private multinationals, academia and suppliers to boost the Life Sciences sector.

Multinationals are leveraging the convergence of MedTech & IT clusters in the countryto enhance eHealth development & device connectivity. R&D activities are carried out by experts in software systems, mechanical & electrical, prototyping, design for manufacturability (DFM), product testing, verification & validation and much more.





Join us this year in the Costa Rica Convention Center, the country’s first conventions center with a capacity for over 6000 delegates. With bioclimatic, environmental and sustainable design and architecture.



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Life Sciences in Costa Rica

With over 300 multinationals and 72 medical device corporations operating in the country, it has emerged as a leading hub for MedTech investment, producing Class I to Class III medical devices.